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  • Company changes

    Any change of your company requires also changing the documents and registration at the Trade Registry. We can help you change your society in only 4 days at the best prices.


  • Registration

    Setting up a company is the first step to start your business.

    Our attorneys will provide you advice to make the best choices about your future company.

  • Headquarter

    In case you do not have a registered office for your company, you can set our address as your headquarters for a period of 1 year or 6 months, in exchange for an affordable fee.

  • Subscriptions

    If you have a company that supports recording frequent mentions in the Trade Register, you can choose from our monthly subscriptions based on company needs.



1.Q: What documents are required to create a company?
A: For establishing a firm you need your identity card and the headquarter's documents.


2.Q: What documents are necessary to host the firm's headquarter at the Mihaela Furtuna law office?

A: For establishing the headquarter of your firm at our law office you only need your identity card.

3.Q: How long does it take to sign the headquarter documents?

A: Signing the contract for the hosting can last no more than five minutes.

4.Q: How long does it take for a firm to be created?

A: The company will be created in three days.

5.Q: What documents are required to establish your firm's headquarter at another location, other than the law office ?

A: For the establishment of your firm's headquarters you will need the following:

  • A copy of the lease contract registered at the tax office or in the original lease;
  • A the copy after the deed (sale-purchase contract, certificate of inheritance, etc.);
  • Or a copy of the property - instead of the above document
  • The written consent of the owner association and of your neighbors.

6.Q: What is the total cost of setting up a firm?

A: The total cost of setting up the firm is 1,300 RON which includes the minimum stock capital (which can be redrawn afterwards), the fees and the Trade Registry taxes.


7.Q: What is the total cost of setting up a company for young people (SRL -D or otherwise known as LLCD)?

A: The total cost of setting up a company for young people is 700 RON, which includes the minimum stock capital (which can be redrawn afterwards), fees and the stamp creation. Please note that SRL-D do not suffer any taxes from the Trade Registry.


8.Q:What documents are needed to change bring modification to a firm?

A: To modify your firm you need the following:

  • The constitutive deed;
  • The ID cards of the already existing associates and/or administrators;
  • And depending on the desired changes, office documents, along with the ID's of the new associates and/or administrators may be necessary as well.


9.Q: What are the costs for modifying a firm ?

A: To register a mention at the Trade Registry modification costs differ depending on which modifications you wish to make. Thus, the fees may range from 400 RON to 1,000 RON, while the Trade Registry taxes start from a minimum of 300 RON.


10.Q: How much time will it take for the Trade Registry to record the mention amending the firm?

A: Your firm will be modified in at least 4 days for simple mentions and at least 7 days for the transfer of social parts.